If your band needs a promo reel to send to venues or festivals, Pirates Lane Video can put together a video that will show you at your best, without breaking the bank. You provide the venue, or just rent a hall with a stage, and we provide lighting, audio recording, and multicamera HD video. Contact us for a custom quote today!

If you are producing a live recording in the studio, capturing it with multiple cameras and videographers is a great way to produce a quality music video on a limited budget. Even if you don't want to make a music video now, or you're multitracking rather than laying down the tracks live, having a video team there to catch the performance will give you great material to work with when it's time to make a music video down the road.

In-Studio Video Produced for Drummer Sean Davies in 2014

East Coast Soul - Live Performance Highlights Reel

The Gravel Project - "Dollar Bill" Live Performance

Two very different music videos for two very different bands. We will work with you to plan your music video to have the look and feel you want, on a budget you can afford. Videographer Jim Merchant and his team will light, shoot and edit your video, and deliver the finished product as a high bitrate Full HD file, ready for upload to your video page. Music video production will be quoted as a flat rate for the project. Contact us now for a quote!

No Room to Breathe "Bleeding Again"

The music video for "Bleeding Again" by No Room to Breathe, was planned out by the band as a series of vignettes exploring several characters each struggling with different aspects of depression. The video was filmed over several days at locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Qwill "Falling" Featuring MC Esoteric

The music video for "Falling" by Qwill (Featuring MC Esoteric) was very much a guerrilla style shoot, filmed in Salem, MA over two days, including a rainy evening at the train station and sunrise at a public park.