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Bass Rocks Golf Club Wedding, Gloucester

We could not have chosen a better videographer for our wedding. When first searching for a videographer, I asked around to my friends. When a friend of mine sent me the link to her wedding video shot by Jim, my response was, "you had a videographer!? I never would have known". Jim is unobtrusive, thoughtful, flexible, and truly loves what he does. The quality of his work is outstanding. He went above and beyond during every aspect of planning the wedding video with us. We have so much amazing footage of our day and will cherish it forever! Working in the hospitality industry, I know how "in your face" some videographers can be. Jim is the exact opposite of that, yet captures the moments exceedingly well. Thanks, Jim! - Lauren
I just wanted to share how amazing it was working with Jim from Pirates Lane. My husband and I got married at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in June 2017. I just felt like from beginning to end he was so professional and attentive to my needs and what I wanted to be included in my wedding video. At my wedding Jim had his own drone to take ariel shots of the barn which was amazing, he chose the most perfect music for my wedding video, and was so discrete at our barely noticed he was there. It truly was an amazing experience and watching my wedding video still makes me cry. The highlight video was amazing, it was so perfect and included literally every moment that meant the world to me. If you were to ask yourself...will I really want a wedding video? The answer is yes, and it is worth every cent! Use Jim, you won't regret it. Cheers, Happy Planning. - Ashley (Weddingwire review)

"Jim from Pirates Lane was an absolute pleasure to work with. I originally had not budgeted for a wedding videographer and ultimately realized I would really regret not having video footage of my wedding. I am so happy I decided to hire Jim. He is extremely professional and responsive. Of all the wedding vendors I worked with, he was by far the fastest to respond to emails, which was greatly appreciated, especially in the final weeks leading up to the wedding. - Jen WeddingWire

"When Jim delivered us our video - he absolutely blew us away. The quality was as good, if not even better than the "high-baller videographers" we had come across in our initial search. It was breathtaking. He captured all of the perfect moments, had orchestrated the best music that perfectly aligned with stills on screen - it was simply incredible. Not to mention, Jim was the absolute BEST to work with. I never noticed him once at our wedding - he wasn't in our faces like videographers had been at other weddings we'd been too, yet the footage he captured made it seem like he was RIGHT there in the action. Based on the video, it looked like he had cameras going from a hundred different angles - yet I never saw one. He was so respectful, and so polite. After dealing with many vendors who took some time to get back to us, he was extremely responsive, and always positive and accommodating. After not wanting a videographer in the first place - he ended up being our absolute favorite vendor!" - M (weddingwire review)

"We got our footage this week and we could not be more pleased. Jim did an amazing job capturing all the important moments of our day and I don't think anyone even noticed there were cameras around. Watching our wedding video brought me right back to that day and I couldn't have asked for anything more. The DVDs that we received are perfect and even included some extra footage that we were not expecting. I would highly recommend Pirates Lane for videography! Thanks Jim!!" - Jenna (Weddingwire review)

Hey Jim,

Lorne and I want to let you know that we received and watched our fancy and fabulous video!!!! It came just in time, since I'd been obsessively watching our excellent trailer for weeks, or was it months???? We are SO glad that we decided to include videography and especially psyched that we chose you to do it!!! We couldn't be happier with the whole thing!!!!

We saw my parents yesterday and gave them a copy, in case there's some kind of crazy catastrophe at our house. We didn't think they would watch the whole thing. But, they called later gushing about how beautiful it is!!!

Thank you again for your work. We are lucky to have found such spectacular vendors to take care of us, to add to, and to document our really cool day!!!

My apologies for the abundance of exclamations, I wanted you to be able to imagine me sharing all this live in my animated (loud) fashion!!!

Feel free to use any of this as marketing material!!!

Peace and BIG Smiles,
Maria (and Lorne)

"The trailer is amazing!!! I absolutely can't wait to see the whole
thing. ...Again- you do amazing work. Ill talk to you soon!" - Lauren

"Yes, I did receive the DVD's. They are great! Thank you so much for
everything. I hope everything is going well for you. I will spread the word about
you." - Lauren

"We can't say enough good things about Pirates Lane Video (THEY DID A VIDEO FOR US). Prompt, excellent equipment, gave us plenty of time, the editing and final video of our event was absolutely terrific. Jim Merchant is pleasant, easy to work with, and has an instinctive feel for what special moments to capture and include in your video. He works with you to make sure it's just what you want, and there are no hassles over making changes to get it just right. Even though you will have a rehearsed plan of events, you will be preoccupied with your part in it. Those special moments that just happen - Jim will spot them and make sure nothing special in your event will be missed. Jim Merchant of Pirates Lane will make sure that all is captured that you expected, and then make it into a video that has a creative and special quality that comes from his keen eye and instincts about how to make your video extra special. When we have another event, Pirates Lane is the only video service we'd think of hiring for the job." - Sharon Shea, Salem Design

"We had originally not budgeted for a videographer for our wedding and were just going to go without, but about a week before the wedding my father started panicking because we 'only have one shot' to get the footage, and we might regret not having a video down the road. So my mother starting searching high and low for an affordable videographer that would be available last minute. She found Jim at Pirates Lane Video on craigslist of all places! In hindsight, i realize that I really didn't do my research... without the luxury of time, we met Jim once, signed a contract, and just trusted that everything would be fine. And we lucked out! Jim was very professional, arrived on time/early to both the rehearsal and the day of and was very inconspicuous - I hardly remember seeing him, yet the final product was so beautiful! In the end, I'm really glad that we changed our minds last minute, because as a result, we now have a beautiful video to relive our special day". - Cynthia

"I got married in August of 2010 and have to admit that I was on the fence about putting up the money for video until I talked to many brides who regretted not getting it. They especially regret it when hearing many other brides talk about how thankful they are they got it and the 1000x the kids have watched the videos."

"What I found is that Jim's packages were extremely competitive against the lower quality broadcast vendors. So after reaching out to him and getting examples, I took the leap and chose Jim, above family referrals. THANK GOD I DID THIS!! "

"Jim's work in unbelievable and it shows you really how far the video services have come (for the vendors who keep up)." - moultonwlm

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"We absolutely love our wedding video! It is amazing! Jim captured all of our favorite moments! We feel so lucky to have that day frozen in time for us. Pirates Lane did such a fantastic job, we are beyond thrilled with the results! Thank you so much! :)" - kburdzel

"The videography and sound are of the highest quality. Jim included all the content we wanted, plus much more. Jim was so unobtrusive (we and our guests didn't even know he was there), yet he caught everything from every angle. Jim's work far exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely use him again and highly recommend him to others!!" - Emily